Makarem A. Hussein

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This paper presents a multivariate regression method for the prediction of maltose concentration in aqueous solutions. For this purpose, time and frequency domain of ultrasonic signals are analyzed. It is shown, that the prediction of concentration at different temperatures is possible by using several multivariate regression models for individual(More)
Owing to the growing demand of cartilage tissue repair and transplants, engineered cartilage cells have emerged as a prospective solution. Several bioreactors were built for artificially grown cartilage cells. In this work, a recently designed flow bed bioreactor is numerically investigated and compared with experimental results. The flow field inside the(More)
The accuracy of density, reflection coefficient, and acoustic impedance determination via multiple reflection method was validated experimentally. The ternary system water-maltose-ethanol was used to execute a systematic, temperature dependent study over a wide range of densities and viscosities aiming an application as inline sensor in beverage industries.(More)
Fouling is an unwanted deposit on heat transfer surfaces and occurs regularly in foodstuff heat exchangers. Fouling causes high costs because cleaning of heat exchangers has to be carried out and cleaning success cannot easily be monitored. Thus, used cleaning cycles in foodstuff industry are usually too long leading to high costs. In this paper, a setup is(More)
Lattice Boltzmann models (LBM) are rapidly showing their ability to simulate a lot of fluid dynamics problems that previously required very complex approaches. This study presents a LBM for simulating diffusion-advection transport of substrate in a 2-D laminar flow. The model considers the substrate influx into a set of active cells placed inside the flow(More)
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