Makarand V. Khochikar

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Renal biopsy was performed in 17 patients using the balloon technique of endoscopy of the retroperitoneum. There was good exposure of the kidney and a sufficient amount of renal tissue was obtained in all patients with minimum postoperative morbidity. The preliminary results show that this method could become a safe and reliable alternative to open surgical(More)
Urological cancers during pregnancy pose many challenges for clinicians. As these tumors are very rare among pregnant women and their symptoms might mimic those of common pregnancy-related disorders, the diagnosis is often delayed. Once a urological tumor is diagnosed in a pregnant patient, appropriate steps should be taken to treat her and the fetus at the(More)
INTRODUCTION A total of 356,557 new cases were diagnosed annually worldwide in 2009, it was estimated that 52,810 new patients were to be diagnosed with bladder cancer and there were 10,180 projected deaths from the disease in the USA. Despite being the fourth commonest cancer in men, we do not have an early detection/screening program for bladder cancer.(More)
Renal cell carcinoma accounts for 3% of adult solid malignant tumours. Approximately 25% of the patients present with metastatic disease at presentation. In the era of immunotherapy (interferon alpha-2b and interleukin-2), studies showed significant survival benefit with cytoreductive nephrectomy (CRN) followed by interferon alpha-2b than interferon alpha(More)
BACKGROUND There is a significant variation in the treatment strategies adopted for the treatment of locally advanced T3b, T4a, N1-3 and metastatic bladder cancer. There is increasing evidence that we would be able to offer them some benefit in terms of disease-free survival and improving the quality of life. This article is aimed at reviewing the current(More)