Makan Pourzandi

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The operation and control of the next generation electrical grids will depend on complex network of computers, software, and communication technologies. Their compromise by a malicious adversary will cause significant damage, including extended power outages and destruction of electrical equipment. Moreover, the implementation of the smart grid will include(More)
This paper presents a Linux kernel module, DigSig, which helps system administrators control Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) binary execution and library loading based on the presence of a valid digital signature. By preventing attackers from replacing libraries and sensitive, privileged system daemons with malicious code, DigSig increases the(More)
The development of cloud computing services is speeding up the rate in which the organizations outsource their computational services or sell their idle computational resources. Even though migrating to the cloud remains a tempting trend from a financial perspective, there are several other aspects that must be taken into account by companies before they(More)
A major challenge in software development process is to advance error detection to early phases of the software life cycle. For this purpose, the Verification and Validation (V&V) of UML diagrams play a very important role in detecting flaws at the design phase. It has a distinct importance for software security, where it is crucial to detect security flaws(More)
Large-scale commodity clusters are used in an increasing number of domains: academic, research, and industrial environments. At the same time, these clusters are exposed to an increasing number of attacks coming from public networks. Therefore, mechanisms for efficiently and flexibly managing security have now become an essential requirement for clusters.(More)
Security is a challenging task in software engineering. Enforcing security policies should be taken care of during the early phases of the software development life cycle to more efficiently integrate security into software. To this end, we present in this paper an aspect-oriented modeling approach for specifying and integrating security solutions into UML(More)
Traditionally, the telecom industry has used clusters to meet its carrier-class requirements of high availability, reliability, and scalability, while relying on cost-effective hardware and software. Efficient cluster security is now an essential requirement and has not yet been addressed in a coherent fashion on clustered systems. This paper presents an(More)