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The technological environment that supports the learning process tends to be the main data source for Learning Analytics. However, this trend leaves out those parts of the learning process that are not computer-mediated. To overcome this problem, involving additional data gathering techniques such as ambient sensors, audio and video recordings, or even(More)
Moisturizing and softening therapeutic dermatological-cosmetic external pharmacological agents are fundamental to the rehabilitation of children and adults with AD; they are also included in the care process of dry and sensitive skin. The above requirements are met by a new drug of the Netherlands firm "Astellas" lokobeyz. The aim of this presentation was:(More)
Traditionally, the exacerbation of skin diseases accompanied by itching and dryness is cutting off by using of antihistamines, indifferent ointment (sometimes together with topical corticosteroids) and antipruritic local means. For the continuous application in inter-relapsing period, patients, as a rule, are offered variety of lipid-recovery beauty creams,(More)
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