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Four monoclonal antibodies (T2D1, T3B1, T7B2 and T4C4) were produced and characterized against Sh. dysenteriae type 1. These monoclonal antibodies (McAbs) were shown to be directed against the same or adjacent determinants on the A-subunit of the Shiga toxin. All the anti-Shiga toxin McAbs are IgG1 (kappa) antibodies and have the capacity to neutralize the(More)
Highly specific monoclonal antibodies (McAbs), 1aM3, 2aM1 and 2bM2 were produced and characterized against Sh. flexneri 1a, 2a and 2b respectively. IaM3 is an IgG3 (lambda) type antibody reactive against whole bacteria or the lipopolysaccharide (LPS) only; 2aM1 is an IgG1 (kappa) type antibody which reacts with the polysaccharide component of LPS; 2bM2 is(More)
The progress of molecular communication is tightly connected to the progress of nanomachine design. State-of-the-art states that nanomachines can be built either from novel nanomaterials by the help of nanotechnology or they can be built from living cells which are modified to function as intended by synthetic biology. With the growing need of biomedical(More)
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