Majidreza Aliahmadi

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Nanosize porous Si is made by two step controlled etching of Si. The first etching step is carried on the Si surface and the second is performed after deposition of 75 Å of platinum on the formed surface. A platinum silicide structure with a size of less than 25 nm is formed on the porous Si surface, as measured with an Atomic Forced Microscope (AFM).(More)
A Si/SiO(2)/CuPt structure is formed by depositing a very thin SiO(2) layer between CuPt and P-type Si layers using e-beam evaporation. SEM images show the formation of CuPt nano clusters with an average size of less than 100 nm. This structure shows high sensitivity to applied magnetic fields at 77K and at low and high dc voltages such that magnetic field(More)
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