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Grain Yield Stability and Adaptability of Bread Wheat Genotypes Using Different Stability Indices under Salinity Stress Conditions
1 جرك ،رذب و لاهن هيهت و حلاصا تاقيقحت هسسوم ،يبرم 2 نكتويب هدكشهوژپ ،داتسا جرك ،ناريا يزرواشك يژولو 3 ناهفصا يعيبط عبانم و يزرواشك تاقيقحت زكرم ،يبرم 4 يبرم دزي يعيبط عبانم و يزرواشك تاقيقحتExpand
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Genetic Diversity and Relationships among Diploid and Tetraploid Cotton Using RAPD Markers
Gossypium species(+49) represent a vast resource of genetic diversity for improvement of cultivated cotton.To determine intra-and inter-specific genetic diversity and relationships,we employed