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This paper focuses on exposing computing and database resources as Web services for providing inter-operability among clients and servers that uses diverse technologies. A systematic performance analysis of two technologies, the RESTful Web Service and the SOAP-based Web service used for exposing resources as Web services is reported. A novel Hybrid Web(More)
The advance of technology has seen increase in applications that integrate new kinds of information, such as multimedia and scientific data, unstructured, semi-structured, structured or heterogeneous data being created and stored is exploding is collectively called “Dataspace”. Data being generated from various heterogeneous sources like, digital images,(More)
Cloud computing is receiving a great demand among the budding and old enterprises depending on various Information Technology Services in the present IT Scenario. Cloud provides various services which mostly depend upon a good decision making process to handle various requests from service consumers. The Cloud users are mostly divided into two premium or(More)
Information is considered to be an asset for any organizations. Malicious attacks/threats can compromise the security and trust of a system, which shall be controlled by introducing Intrusion Detection System. In order to offer maximum security for the confidential data and the corresponding data integrity, a novel Integrity model based Intrusion Detection(More)
With the advance in technology the focus has shifted from desktops and laptops to handheld devices like tablets, phablets, mobile phones, PDA etc. giving rise in the number of users connected to internet. About 900 million computers are connected to internet [23].In an hour 383 thousand TB of data transmission takes place [24]. As the traffic on internet(More)
Document processing is an important step in office automation and it involves recognizing the static content to decide the type of the form, extracting the variant data from the form to recognize and then process the data as per requirement. The problem of information processing from forms is more structured in nature, while the recognition part is complex(More)