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The photoreceptors of dark-adapted skate retinas bathed in a Ringer solution containing horseradish peroxidase (HRP) incorporate the tracer into membrane-bound compartments within the synaptic terminal of the cell; after 1 or 2 h of incubation, approx. 10-38% of the synaptic vesicles were labeled. The receptors appeared to be functioning normally throughout(More)
BACKGROUND Endotracheal intubation is usually associated with hemodynamic changes, especially in patients undergoing cesarean section by general anesthesia. GlideScope® videolaryngoscope (GVL) is a novel video laryngoscope, which does not need direct exposure of vocal cords and produces lesser hemodynamic changes due to lower degrees of trauma and stimuli(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEMS An ideal antimicrobial agent should have minimal cytotoxic effect to host cells. PURPOSE The aim of this study was to determine the cytotoxic effect of three commercial mouthwashes (Chlorhexidine, Persica and Irsha) on the cultured fibroblasts. MATERIAL AND METHODS For determining the cytotoxic effect of Irsha, Chlorhexidine and(More)
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