Majid Rezapour

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The aim of this study was to evaluate microencapsulated controlled release preparations of tolmetin sodium using ethylcellulose as a retardant material. Microspheres were prepared by using water-in-oil-in-oil (W/O(1)/O(2)) double-emulsion solvent diffusion method, using different ratios of ethylcellulose to tolmetin sodium. Span 80 was used as the droplet(More)
Ethylcellulose microparticles containing tolmetin sodium, an anti-inflammatory drug, were prepared by a solvent diffusion method based on the formation of multiple W/O(1)/O(2)-emulsion. The drug used was TOL, which is water-soluble and n-hexane was used as the non-solvent. Important parameters in the evaluation of a microencapsulation technique are actual(More)
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