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Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) are exposed to several extra threats as compared to legacy wireless networks due to their nature. The security management in MANETs, where node level security monitoring plays an integral role in maintaining security and the problem of measuring the overall security level of MANETs. This paper presented the major components(More)
In shortest path finding, the main issue that is faced is the stagnation of path. This prong is very challenging for rapid depletion of constraint resources like of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). This makes the working of foraging process inapplicable in most of the domains especially where the resources are in stringent constraint. In this research(More)
Data Replication Techniques in Mobile Adhoc Networks is presented in this paper and discussed about the Data Replication Technique for Real-Time Ad Hoc Mobile Databases (DREAM); Collaborative Allocation and Deallocation of Replicas with Efficiency (CADRE); Consistency and Load Based Efficicient Allocation of Replicas (CLEAR); Expanding Ring Replication;(More)
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