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Shape optimisation of concrete open spandrel arch bridges
An open spandrel arch bridge is analysed in this paper. A computer code is written to create a model from geometrical data, so as to solve the optimisation problem. An optimum design procedure is
Stochastic Modeling to Prediction of River Morphological Changes
In this paper, a new stochastic method for predicting of river morphological changes in the future is presented in the braided river. The model procedure is as follows: 1-It is to apply regression
Multi-criteria shape optimization of open-spandrel concrete arch bridges: Pareto front development and decision-making
The Pareto front is generated which helps the decision-maker or designer to pick the compromise solution from among 20 optimum designs according to their subjective preferences or engineering judgment, respectively.
Reliability analysis of Pole Kheshti historical arch bridge under service loads using SFEM
The main purpose of this paper is the probabilistic safety analysis of the historical masonry arch bridges (HMAB) and to calculate its reliability index (RI) using the “probabilistic design system”
Reliability-based linear analysis of low-rise RC frames under earthquake excitation
Determination of seismic reliability of low-rise moment resisting frame RC buildings has been done using probabilistic analysis in this paper. The effect of the number of stories on the safety level
Probabilistic Safety Evaluation of a Concrete arch dam Based on Finite Element Modeling and A Reliability L-R Approach
The safety assessment of the Pacoima arch dam is investigated and a Load – Resistance (L-R) method was used to ensure that the dam is safe or if it is at risk of failure.
Seismic Behavior of Persian Brick Arches
The application of arch structural form in Iran goes back to as far as thousands of years ago. Arch is a fundamental component of Iranian architecture. Other structural systems such as vaults and
Multi-criteria optimization of concrete arch dams
In this study, multi-criteria shape optimization of an asymmetrical doublecurvature arch dam is presented. Simultaneous cost minimization of dam construction and maximum allowable tensile stress are