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In smart grids, providing power consumption statistics to the customers and generating recommendations for managing electrical devices are considered to be effective methods that can help to reduce energy consumption. Unfortunately, providing power consumption statistics and generating recommendations rely on highly privacy-sensitive smart meter consumption(More)
Nowadays cloud computing is widely used by users and organization to get benefit of many services in cloud. Huge datasets in cloud persuade users to outsource their information and documents to the untrusted Cloud Service Provider (CSP). On the other hand, there are some privacy and security problems in cloud storage considering as main drawbacks of(More)
Secure equality testing of two private values is one of the fundamental building blocks of many cryptographic protocols designed for Signal Processing in the Encrypted Domain (SPED). Existing protocols introduce significant amount of computation and computational overhead, which makes it essential to search for new and novel, efficient equality tests for(More)
In recent years we have seen a rise in the amount of fitness tracking and self monitoring devices. These devices which often work in conjunction with a smartphone are becoming more accurate and are becoming widely adopted. This trend goes hand in hand with Electronic Health Care (e-health): the shift of health care to the digital domain. E-health would(More)
Cloud computing offers a wide range of services such as user demand network, operating systems, hardware, software and resources. These encouraging facilities and hassle free management of computing resources have attracted many users to outsource their data to untrusted servers. Cloud server may leak documents to unauthorized parties. Therefore, all(More)
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