Majid Mushtaque

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INTRODUCTION The hydatid disease most often involves the liver and the lungs. The disease can involve any part of the body except the hair, teeth and nails. Primary extrahepatico-pulmonary hydatid cysts are rare and only a few sporadic cases have been reported. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two hundred and forty-four patients with hydatid cysts managed surgically(More)
BACKGROUND Pellet gunfire injuries inflicted while controlling agitated mobs has been studied. METHODS A total of 198 patients admitted to the Accident and Emergency Department with pellet gun injuries were studied in terms of anatomic site, severity and type of injury, treatment, and outcomes. RESULTS 72.7% of patients were aged 16-25 years. The most(More)
Duplication of the vermiform appendix is extremely rare with reported incidence of 0.004% patients operated on for acute appendicitis. It is important to recognize this condition which may have serious clinical and medico legal consequences. A 16-year-old male presented with clinical features typical of acute appendicitis. Surgical exploration revealed a(More)
Isolated fracture of a cervical rib is a very rare entity and usually presents as a painless swelling or as thoracic outlet syndrome. We describe a case of a 45-year-old woman with history of fall two months back. She presented with symptoms of neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome for one month. Isolated left cervical rib fracture was documented on X-ray(More)
Breast Tuberculosis is a rare form of tuberculosis even in tuberculosis endemic countries like India and its identity is often mistaken with breast cancer and pyogenic breast abscess. A 22-year-old married female, with history of child birth one month back, lactating, presented at peripheral hospital with progressively increasing pain and redness in the(More)
AIM Evaluation of bilateral ureteroscopic retrieval of stones as a single-stage procedure in terms of clearance of the stones, complications of the procedure and duration of hospital stay. A successful outcome was considered when both ureters were free of stones without any major complications. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 60 patients with bilateral(More)
Papillary carcinoma of thyroid is the most common type of thyroid neoplasm which is usually confined to the thyroid and tends to metastasize to regional lymph nodes. Distant metastasis occur in up to 15% of cases. Thymic metastasis from any malignant carcinoma is extremely rare with only four cases reported in medical literature. We report a case of(More)
Aim. To ascertain the clinical presentation, commonest age group affected, and treatment of patients diagnosed to have penis fracture. Materials and Methods. We performed a retrospective study carried at a tertiary care hospital from January 2005 to January 2011. All the 36 patients diagnosed to have penile fracture were enrolled in the study group. The(More)
Hydatid disease of the organs other than liver and lung is extremely rare. Although hydatid disease is endemic in India, we report a rare case of hydatid cyst in a young male primarily involving the seminal vesicle and aim to highlight the management of such cases. A 23 year old male farmer diagnosed with primary isolated echinococcal cyst of the seminal(More)