Majid Mahjour

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Glaucium oxylobum Boiss and Buhse, population Ab-Ali, was demonstrated to contain one major alkaloid, glaucine (0.7%), and two minor alkaloids, O-methylatheroline and predicentrine, in the aerial parts. The root also contains protopine. Glaucine and O-methylatheroline were detected for the first time in this species, and predicentrine was detected for the(More)
Quinapril, the active ingredient in Accupril tablets, is an ACE inhibitor used to treat hypertension. Quinapril is unstable in aqueous solution and therefore the development of a liquid formulation is a significant challenge. Previous studies show the rate of degradation of quinapril into its two major degradants to be pH dependent, indicating the parent(More)
Telcagepant potassium salt (MK-0974) is an oral calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor inhibitor investigated for the treatment of acute migraine. Under gastric pH conditions, the salt rapidly gels, then converts to an insoluble neutral form that creates an impervious shell on the tablet surface, resulting in a slow and variable release dissolution rate(More)
Finding formulations that prevent degradation of the active pharmaceutical ingredient is an essential part of drug development. One of the major mechanisms of degradation is oxidation. Oxidative degradation is complex, and can occur via different mechanisms, such as autoxidation, nucleophilic/electrophilic addition, and electron transfer reactions. This(More)
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