Majid Lotfinia

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Transcription factor decoys (TFDs) are exogenous oligonucleotides which can compete by cis-elements in promoters or enhancers for binding to TFs and downregulating gene expression in a specific manner. It is believed that tumor mass originates from cancer stem cells (CSCs) which the same with embryonic stem cells (ESCs) have the properties of both(More)
The presence of acetate in the bacterial medium leads to a reduction in the growth rate of cells and recombinant protein production. In this study, three compounds including propionic acid, lithium chloride and butyric acid were added to the medium which decreased acetate levels and enhanced recombinant protein production (alpha-synuclein). In fact,(More)
BACKGROUND Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are important candidates for MSC-based cellular therapy. Current paradigm states that MSCs support local progenitor cells in damaged tissue through paracrine signaling. Therefore, study of paracrine effects and secretome of MSCs could lead to the appreciation of mechanisms and molecules associated with the(More)
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