Majid Khan

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In this article, we develop a method to obtain approximate solutions of nonlinear coupled partial differential equations with the help of Laplace Decomposition Method (LDM). The technique is based on the application of Laplace transform to nonlinear coupled partial differential equations. The nonlinear term can easily be handled with the help of Adomian(More)
The structure of cryptographically resilient substitution boxes (S-boxes) plays a central role in devising safe cryptosystems. The design of chaos-based S-boxes by means of chaotic maps obtained more devotion in current ages. We have suggested novel S-boxes based on the chaotic maps and S8 symmetric group. We have experimented our chaos-based S-box for(More)
Soil salinity is one of the key factors adversely affecting the growth, yield, and quality of crops. A pot study was conducted to find out whether exogenous application of salicylic acid could ameliorate the adverse effect of salinity in lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus Steud. Wats.). Two Cymbopogon varieties, Krishna and Neema, were used in the study.(More)
In this paper, a Homotopy Perturbation Transform Algorithm (HPTA) which is based on the Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM) is introduced for the approximate solution of the linear and nonlinear system of partial differential equations. Illustrative examples are included to demonstrate the high accuracy and fast convergence of proposed new algorithm.
The aim of this article is to introduce a new reliable algorithm, namely two-step Laplace decomposition algorithm (TSLDA). This new algorithm provides us with a convenient way to find exact solution with less computation as compared with standard Laplace decomposition algorithm (LDA). The proposed algorithm is use to solve Abel's second kind integral(More)