Majid Khan

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The structure of cryptographically resilient substitution boxes (S-boxes) plays a central role in devising safe cryptosystems. The design of chaos-based S-boxes by means of chaotic maps obtained more devotion in current ages. We have suggested novel S-boxes based on the chaotic maps and S8 symmetric group. We have experimented our chaos-based S-box for(More)
In this communication, we have presented a technique to synthesize resilient nonlinear mechanisms for the construction of substitution box for image encryption that utilizes a multiplicative group of nonzero elements of Galois field of order 256. The proposed nonlinear component assists in transforming the intelligible message or plaintext into an(More)
The advancement of the Internet stretched as frequently as it can in the openness of modernized data, for instance, image, audio and video for public usage. Digital watermarking is a building that delivers surety and support to data check, security and copyright protection of cutting-edge media. This paper combines the purpose of investment study(More)