Majid Hosseini

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Sensing and communication coverage are among the most important trade-offs in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) design. A minimum bound of sensing coverage is vital in scheduling, target tracking and redeployment phases, as well as providing communication coverage. Some methods measure the coverage as a percentage value, but detailed information has been(More)
BACKGROUND Trunk muscle fatigue has high relevance in human performance. Most authors agree that the use of the median frequency is preferred as a fatigue indicator. Most work has to date, been done on dynamic fatigue measurements, using the similarity index (SI). OBJECTIVE Repeated trunk flexion-extensions were measured using the B200 Isostation. Muscle(More)
MultiPoint Relay (MPR) selection algorithm is a flooding technique for propagating a broadcast message inside an ad-hoc network which reduces the number of unnecessary broadcast messages in order to save more energy in the network, minimize the number of packet collisions, and speed up the propagation time. In this paper, we demonstrate that MPR selection(More)
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