Majid H. Koul

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— This work demonstrates the synthesis and design of a 2-DOF (Degrees Of Freedom) parallel haptic device intended for use in virtual simulation of medical procedures, e.g., epidural injection. The process involved choosing a right kinematic architecture of the mechanism, calculation of the end-effector forces, CAD modeling, stress analysis and a rapid(More)
A long standing goal in rehabilitation robotics is to emulate the human-like stable grasping operations by upper limb prosthesis. For stable grasping and manipulation by a prosthetic hand, the finger joints should follow the trajectories of the natural counterparts. Although a number of commercial prosthetic hands and research prototypes have been(More)
Conventional controllers used in haptic devices are sampled data systems in which the position and velocity of the device is required to realize a visco-elastic virtual wall interaction. Increasing the sampling rate of the controller improves the stable range of virtual wall stiffness but simultaneously exacerbates the estimated velocity. This inefficient(More)
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