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Appropriate network reconfiguration is an efficient technique for reducing losses in electricity distribution systems. Losses in distribution systems are calculated using power flow calculation. Active and reactive power consumption of each distribution substation are some input data for power flow study. Active and reactive powers in distribution(More)
-In many industrial and trading activities such as navigation, mapping, power distribution, telecommunication, weather station, digital radio, industrial control systems and research centers,... one of the main exchanged information which has been transferred between different parts is time tag, indicats the precise time of action taking place.(More)
The beta-casein locus with different allelic forms of A1 and A2 has been reported among many breeds of dairy cattle. These allelic forms produce beta-casein variants of A1 and A2. The bioactive peptide of beta-casomorphin-7 is produced from proteolysis of beta-casein A1 variant. Beta-casomorphin-7 has morphine like activity and results in some diseases(More)
In this paper, a virtual cathode oscillator (VCO) is simulated based on FDTD algorithm. The geometrical structure is coaxial. Electromagnetic fields and current graphs are calculated. For the first time it has been shown that the delay between input pulse and output microwave signal originate from the waveguide transition delay time and the virtual cathode(More)
Abstract—Gas flaring is one of the most GHG emitting sources in the oil and gas industries. It is also a major way for wasting such an energy that could be better utilized and even generates revenue. Minimize flaring is an effective approach for reducing GHG emissions and also conserving energy in flaring systems. Integrating waste and flared gases into the(More)
Nowadays, the penetration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in electrical networks is growing significantly. In spite of many problems it introduces, the connection of RES in the subtransmission systems also gives the opportunity of exploiting them for the benefit of the network. In this paper, this is done for islanding conditions and a Genetic Algorithm(More)
Chaos reveals a nonlinear behavior of chaotic system with the extreme sensitivity to initial conditions. Chaos adequately justify the complicated behavior of phenomena by presenting a very simple models comprises a limited equations which involve the deterministic, dynamical systems in continuous time space to present the copacetic approximation of real(More)
This study presents a multi-objective formulation using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) approach, for optimal placement and sizing of distributed generation (DG) resources in the power distribution systems in order to minimize the cost of power losses and improve the voltage profile and energy not supplied. The proposed method considers the options of the(More)
Intelligent Universal Transformer (IUT) is a key point introducing as an Intelligent Electrical Devices (IED) for Advanced Distribution Automation (ADA) in future. ADA is the state of art, comprising flexible electrical architecture contributed with open communication construction for the tomorrow’s distribution automation. IUT is based on a power(More)
  • Mehdi Hashemi Gahruei, Majid Gholami, Teimoor Nazari Dehkordi
  • 2013
Stream sediments of the Eastern Alborz Mountain located at Northern Iran, were studied at Silurian-formed Soltan Meydan Basaltic Formation area. The area which is mainly consisted of basalt, andesite and tuff represents a structurally active zone, with Mountain Front Sinuosity index (Smf) of 1.2, caused development of numerous faults, prominently with NE-SW(More)
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