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Nonribosomal peptides (NRPs) are of great pharmacological importance, but there is currently no technology for high-throughput NRP 'dereplication' and sequencing. We used multistage mass spectrometry followed by spectral alignment algorithms for sequencing of cyclic NRPs. We also developed an algorithm for comparative NRP dereplication that establishes(More)
MSI is a molecular imaging technique that allows for the generation of topographic 2D maps for various endogenous and some exogenous molecules without prior specification of the molecule. In this paper, we start with the premise that a region of interest (ROI) is given to us based on preselected morphological criteria. Given an ROI, we develop a pipeline,(More)
Multiple epidemiological and experimental studies have demonstrated that exposure to organophosphorus compounds (OPs) is associated with a variety of neurological disorders. Some of these exposure symptoms cannot be precisely correlated with known molecular targets and mechanisms of toxicity. Most of the known molecular targets of OPs fall in the protein(More)
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