Majid Ghanbarzadeh

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INTRODUCTION It has previously been reported that increased level of serum heat shock proteins (Hsps) antibody in patients with metabolic syndrome. It is possible that the expression of Hsp and inflammatory markers can be affected by cupping and traditional Chinese medicine. There is a little data investigating the effects of cupping on markers of(More)
This work introduces a simple method for prediction of the flash point of different classes of unsaturated hydrocarbons including alkenes, alkynes and aromatics. Elemental composition is used as a core function that can be revised for some compounds by a correcting function. The predicted flash points for a data set of 173 unsaturated hydrocarbons are in(More)
Proper management of residues originated from industrial activities is considered as one of the serious challenges faced by industrial societies due to their potential hazards to the environment. Common disposal methods for industrial solid wastes (ISWs) encompass various combinations of solely management options, i.e. recycling, incineration, composting,(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the histological responses of cementum, root dentin, and pulp following intentional root injuries caused via self-tapping and self-drilling miniscrews. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fourteen patients (with a mean age of 15.7 years and age range of 14-18 years) who were scheduled for the extraction of all four first(More)
In orthodontics effective disinfection of pliers in short time is important. We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of three disinfectant solutions (two quaternary ammonium compounds (Deconex, Micro10+) and one hydrogen peroxide disinfectant (Sanosil)) in orthodontic pliers’ disinfection. Nine Adams pliers were sterilized with autoclave. Pliers were(More)
Introduction: This study aimed to evaluate the effect of pretreatment with a neutral fluoride agent on shear bond strength (SBS) and microleakage of orthodontic brackets, and to investigate any significant relationship between SBS and microleakage. Methods: Forty intact premolars were selected and randomly divided into 2 groups. Group 1 served as the(More)
BACKGROUND There is little data regarding the effect of tooth whitening on microhardness of white spot lesions. This study was conducted to investigate the effect of home-bleaching and laser-assisted in-office bleaching on microhardness of demineralized enamel. MATERIAL AND METHODS Forty bovine incisors were selected and immersed in a demineralizing(More)
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