Majid Esmaeilzadeh

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BACKGROUND An accident or a catastrophic disease may occasionally lead to brain death (BD) during pregnancy. Management of brain-dead pregnant patients needs to follow special strategies to support the mother in a way that she can deliver a viable and healthy child and, whenever possible, also be an organ donor. This review discusses the management of(More)
Common bile duct stones (CBDSs) may occur in up to 3%-14.7% of all patients for whom cholecystectomy is preformed. Patients presenting with CBDS have symptoms including: biliary colic, jaundice, cholangitis, pancreatitis or may be asymptomatic. It is important to distinguish between primary and secondary stones, because the treatment approach varies. Stones(More)
BACKGROUND In kidney transplantation (KTx), vascular thrombosis has a major impact on morbidity and graft survival. The ischaemia, caused by thrombosis, can lead to interstitial metabolite changes. The aim of this experimental study was to create conditions in which the graft would be prone to vascular thrombosis following KTx and then to evaluate the role(More)
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