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We study the possibility to transmit data over channels with large delay spreads under the constraint of a very simple receiver which has only one tap. Such a scheme is of interest when a cost-efficient way to transmit potentially high data rates are sought after. We investigate the performance of the optimal pre-filter for this scheme, and compare it to a(More)
We propose to apply a technique called timereversal to UWB communications. In time-reversal a signal is precoded such that it focuses both in time and in space at a particular receiver. Spatial focusing reduces interference to other co-existing systems. Due to temporal focusing, the received power is concentrated within a few taps and the task of equalizer(More)
This paper presents the estimation-pruning (EP) algorithm for finding the best path (with minimum cost) from a source to a destination in a dynamic network that does not necessarily obey the first-in-first-out (FIFO) property. The EP algorithm consists of two steps. The first step is the forward or the estimation step in which a bound on the traveling cost(More)
INTRODUCTION Efficient use of resources in organizations is one of the most important duties of managers. Appropriate allocation of resources can help managers to do this well. The aim of this study was to determine the cost of radiology services and to compare it with governmental tariffs (introduced by the Ministry of Health in Iran). METHODS This was a(More)
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