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Modeling of COVID-19 Pandemic and Scenarios for Containment
The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the global health and world's economy have been profound and unseen since the Spanish flu of 1918-19. As of now, many countries have been severely affected, partlyExpand
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توسعه و افول مالی در ایران: یک مدل کمی تعادل عمومی پویا
مانده بدهی بخش غیردولتی به شبکه بانکی نسبت به تولید ناخالص اسمی داخلی در طول سال‌های نیمه دهه هفتاد تا نیمه دهه هشتاد بیش از دو برابر شده و پس از آن این رشد متوقف شده است. در این مقاله برای توضیح اینExpand
Consumption Smoothing and Borrowing Constraints: Evidence from Household Surveys of Iran
We use Iranian Household Expenditure and Income Survey," to analyze the dynamics of consumption of the households. We observe evidence of excess sensitivity in a cohort pseudo panel of IranianExpand
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Business Cycle Dating and Plotting Tools
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A Separation: The Economics behind the Administrative Area Modifications in Iran
Once in a few years, we witness a new ostan (province) being born out of older ostans in Iran. The number of shahrestans has gone from 316 in 2003 to 429 in 2013. There seems to be an everlastingExpand
A Perfect Specialization Model for Gravity Equation in Bilateral Trade based on Production Structure
Specialization models are important in providing a solid theoretical ground for gravity equation in bilateral trade. Some research papers try to improve specialization models by adding imperfectExpand