Majid Ebnali Heidari

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The decrease in particle size may offer new properties to drugs. In this study, we investigated the size reduction influence of the acetaminophen (C(8)H(9)O(2)N) particles by mechanical activation using a dry ball mill. The activated samples with the average size of 1 microm were then investigated in different time periods with the infrared (IR),(More)
BACKGROUND Surface modification of medical polymers can improve biocompatibility. Pure polystyrene is hydrophobic and cannot provide a suitable environment for cell cultures. The conventional method for surface modification of polystyrene is treatment with plasma. In this study, conventional polystyrene was exposed to microwave plasma treatment with oxygen(More)
BACKGROUND Using in-vehicle audio technologies such as audio systems and voice messages is regarded as a common secondary task. Such tasks, known as the sources of non-visual distraction, affect the driving performance. Given the elderly drivers' cognitive limitations, driving can be even more challenging to drivers. The current study examined how listening(More)
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