Majid Bakhtiari

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The session initiation protocol (SIP) has been receiving a lot of attention to provide security in the Voice over IP (VoIP) in Internet and mobility management. Recently, Yeh et al. proposed a smart card-based authentication scheme for SIP using elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). They claimed that their scheme is secure against known security attacks.(More)
Wireless sensor network is one of the most growing technology for sensing and performing the different tasks. Such networks are beneficial in many fields, such as emergencies, health monitoring, environmental control, military, industries and these networks prone to malicious users' and physical attacks due to radio range of network, un-trusted(More)
One of the important challenges in Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is related to the authentication of users. There is increasing demand for suitable authentication method for accessing to the shared information via the Internet through Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Personal identification number is the most common mechanism for authentication in mobile(More)
Virtualization technology is the base technology used in Cloud computing. Therefore, virtualization enables Cloud computing to provide hardware and software services to the users on demand. Actually, many companies migrates to the Cloud computing for many reasons such as capabilities of processor, bus speed, size of storage, memory and managed to reduce the(More)
Mixed gases are used for massive gas injection disruption mitigation on Alcator C-Mod in order to optimize radiation efficiency, halo current reduction, and response time. Gas mixtures of helium and argon (argon fraction 0–50%) are investigated in detail, as well as mixtures of deuterium, argon, krypton, and helium. Experiments show that injecting He/Ar(More)
Information is a fundamental part of the world today and with it has come the need for information security during communication over public channels so as to safeguard communication. There are various public key algorithms being implemented today, the most popular being RSA and ECC. Given the trend towards quantum computing systems, there is need to(More)
Information security has become a key concern for communication over public channels thus necessitating the use of cryptography to safeguard communication. In this paper, we present a comprehensive review of the asymmetric key algorithms, beginning from the inception of asymmetric cryptography in 1976 till the present day. This paper provides a description(More)
Short Messaging Service (SMS) has removed difference between near and far. Because of guaranteed delivery, people use it on daily basis for connectivity. Not only humans but Information Systems have also utilized it to connect, known as automated messaging. Although automated messaging holds prominent SMS market share but full potential was not reached(More)