Majid Babaei

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In today’s world, the security of information is associated with valid and reliable encryption algorithms that we have used in our systems. Today, the latest methods for data encryption are based on DNA computing. In this paper, we consider a reliable data encryption algorithm (OTP) which is theoretically unbreakable, but it experiences some disadvantages(More)
Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNGs) are required for generating secret keys in cryptographic algorithms, generating sequences of packet in Network simulations (workload generators) and other applications in various fields. In this paper we will discuss a list of some requirements for generating a reliable random sequence and then will present some PRNG(More)
Crossover operator plays a crucial role in the efficiency of genetic algorithm (GA). Several crossover operators have been proposed for solving the travelling salesman problem (TSP) in the literature. These operators have paid less attention to the characteristics of the traveling salesman problem, and majority of these operators can only generate feasible(More)
Lot sizing and scheduling in flow shop has been considered in this paper. Our study includes a multi-level and multi-period capacitated lot sizing and scheduling problem (CLSP) with sequence-dependent setups, setups carry over in flow shop. In manufacturing environments backlogging is unavoidable. If the production capacity is infinite, any demand can be(More)
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