Majid Almaraashi

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— In this paper, a combination of a Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy system (TSK) and simulated annealing is used to predict well known time series by searching for the best configuration of the fuzzy system. Simulated annealing is used to optimise the parameters of the antecedent and the consequent parts of the fuzzy system rules. The results of the proposed method are(More)
Estimation of the solar radiation level reaching a specific zone on the surface of earth is a crucial step in the design and planning of solar energy systems. The large number of parameters affecting the estimation and prediction processes mandates dimension reduction of the input feature space. In this paper, we address this problem for a prediction system(More)
—This paper reports on a new approach for automatic learning of general type-2 fuzzy logic systems (GT2FLSs) using simulated annealing (SA). The learning process in this work starts without an initial interval type-2 fuzzy system and has an objective to optimize all membership function parameters involved in the general type-2 fuzzy set in two stages. This(More)
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