Majid A. Alwan

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In this paper, a new FPGA-based parallel processor for shortest path searching for OSPF networks is designed and implemented. The processor design is based on parallel searching algorithm that overcomes the long time execution of the conventional Dijkstra algorithm which is used originally in OSPF network protocol. Multiple shortest links can be found(More)
In order to reduce the impact of watermark embedding on the perceptual fidelity of the marked signal, watermarking systems process the generated watermark to match it to the local properties of the underlying host signal prior to embedding. However, this adaptation process could distort the watermark, affecting its robustness and information content. In(More)
Transform analysis deeply concern in the development of digital image processing, from the part of transform analysis, multiresolution transform are associated to image processing, signal processing and processor vision, The curvelet transform is a multiresolution directional transform, which deals with an practically ideal non adaptive scant depiction of(More)
In this paper, a wavelet neural network (WNN) (or wavenet) predictor is used to predict the congestion state for each link in the computer network. The proposed WBCP predictor generates the congestion state for each link based on the utilization values of each link measured in the previous time intervals. WNNs possess the learning and generalization(More)
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