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State-of-the-art distributed RDF systems partition data across multiple computer nodes (workers). Some systems perform cheap hash partitioning, which may result in expensive query evaluation. Others try to minimize inter-node communication, which requires an expensive data preprocessing phase, leading to a high startup cost. Apriori knowledge of the query(More)
Modern applications, including bioinformatics, time series, and web log analysis, require the extraction of frequent patterns, called motifs, from one very long (i.e., several gigabytes) sequence. Existing approaches are either heuristics that are error-prone, or exact (also called combinatorial) methods that are extremely slow, therefore, applicable only(More)
During the period from 1 June 1984 to 1 June 1991, 988 pregnant diabetic patients were treated by a team of physicians and obstetricians in Benghazi Diabetic Clinic. Twelve patients were insulin-dependent (type 1) and 976 patients were non-insulin-dependent (type 2). Ninety patients were diagnosed for the first time during pregnancy. Thirty-nine patients(More)
This paper presents APlug, a framework for automatic tuning of large scale applications of many independent tasks. APlug suggests the best decomposition of the original computation into smaller tasks and the best number of CPUs to use, in order to meet user-specific constraints. We show that the problem is not trivial because there is large variability in(More)
Preliminary studies carried out with cysteine 2% solution showed that pH adjusted to isoelectrical pH (i.e., 4.9) led to enhance stability during autoclaving and ensured no significant degradation during at least 14 days if stored at 2-8 degrees C protected from light. Optimized formulations combined either cysteine(2%)/Poloxamer407(16.5%) or(More)
Hot embossing is a net shaping process that is able to produce the micro-components of polymers with intrinsic and complex shapes at lower cost compared with machining and injection moulding. However, the emboss of hard metals, such as WC-Co, is more challenging due to their high thermal conductivity and ease of agglomeration. Thus, a WC-Co alloy mixed with(More)