Majdi M Hussein

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Metformin is one of the commonly used drugs in type-2 diabetes mellitus. It reduces glucose levels by increasing insulin sensitivity, reducing hepatic glucose release and increasing muscle uptake. One of the serious complications associated with metformin use is lactic acidosis, and it is associated with high morbidity and mortality. This is more likely to(More)
Complement component C3 was investigated in sera of a group of schistosomal patients free from obvious nephritis. C3 was studied in relation to S. mansoni egg count, presence of HBsAg, and liver functions. C3 level was low in schistosomal patients than normal individuals. Levels were low in both HBsAg --ve and HBsAG +ve schistosomal patients. No significant(More)
Sixty patients with chronic liver disease complaining of persistent or recurrent diarrhoea where studied. The stools were examined by direct smear, formol ether concentration method and modified Ziehl Neelsen technique for Cryptosporidium in addition to stool cultures for enteric pathogenic bacteria as Salmonella, Shigella and E. coli. Giardia lamblia was(More)
Chronic liver diseases mainly due to schistosomiasis is a common clinical feature in Egypt. On the other hand, Toxoplasma latent infection is another common feature. In this paper, it was aimed to study the role of Toxoplasma latent infection in patients with chronic liver diseases mainly due to schistosomiasis. The latent Toxoplasma infection was measured(More)
Thirty patients with gastritis associated with chronic liver disease and ten normal controls were the subject of this study. Pathologically about 18 were diagnosed as chronic atrophic gastritis, 10 as chronic superficial gastritis, 1 as gastric atrophy and 1 as hypertrophic gastritis. Parietal cell antibodies (PCA) were detected (IFA) in 2 cases with no(More)
Industrialization started in Egypt on a large scale only 20 a ago. This process resulted in a shift of a large proportion of the agricultural workers to industrial work. The health insurance for industrial workers is enforced by law for certain industrial groups. Although preplacement and periodic medical examinations should be provided for the insured(More)