Majdi Dammak

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Recently, all aspects of human computer interaction in the multimedia frameworks, try to be adapted with all feedbacks that can be detected from users. This adaptation can take the name of a social dimension. Amongst these feedbacks, the most important and the most credible we find the emotional back. In that topic this paper deals with the problem of(More)
In recent years, there has been a growing interest in improving all aspects of the interaction between humans and computers. It is proved that to succeed an intelligent interaction between human and machine, computer must be able to interact naturally as possible, exactly like human-human communication. Humans interact specially with speech, but he can add(More)
For different reasons, many viewers like to watch a summary of films in less time than it takes to play. Traditionally, video films were analyzed manually to provide its summary; however this requires an important work time. Therefore, it is a necessity to propose a tool for summarization and video analysis automatically. Automatic video summarization has(More)
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