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Using a 796-basepair cDNA fragment obtained from a mouse pituitary library we have screened two mouse insulinoma libraries and isolated a full-length cDNA clone (2516 basepairs; 753 amino acids),(More)
We report on an infant with a previously undescribed chromosome 15 deletion (q26.1----qter) and compare the clinical findings with those of 7 reported patients with deletions of distal 15q, as well(More)
Beta-microseminoprotein, alternatively called prostatic secretory protein of 94 amino acids, is a hydrophilic, unglycosylated, small protein rich in conserved half-cystine residues. Originally found(More)
Based on the concept of sequence conservation around the active sites of serine proteinases, polymerase chain reaction applied to mRNA amplification allowed us to obtain a 260-bp probe which was used(More)