Maja van der Velden

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This paper contrasts two approaches to knowledge sharing for socioeconomic development to examine how assumptions about knowledge are reflected in computer-based information systems. The paper argues that socio-technical systems for global knowledge sharing posses a bias resulting from choices about technology and from assumptions about knowledge, and that(More)
BACKGROUND The literature describes teenagers as active users of social media, who seem to care about privacy, but who also reveal a considerable amount of personal information. There have been no studies of how they manage personal health information on social media. OBJECTIVE To understand how chronically ill teenage patients manage their privacy on(More)
Maja van der Velden, M.A. is a practitioner in the field of ICT and development with extensive experience in international research and project implementation. She can be reached by Abstract What happens when corporate knowledge management monoculture meets the diverse international development sector? This paper finds that development agencies have too(More)
This article examines the design of digital indigenous knowledge archives. In a discussion of the distinction between indigenous knowledge and western science, a decentred perspective is developed, in which the relationship between different local knowledges is explored. The particular characteristics of indigenous knowledges raise questions about if and(More)
The unique capabilities of the Internet seem to offer new ways to solve problems and make decisions. But this approach presents the Internet as a neutral technology, 'empty' of any bias that shapes the ways it homogenises or diversifies. Yet the bias of the Internet is inscribed in its technology. Can a biased technology cultivate the diversity of our(More)