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Constructivism in International Relations: The Politics of Reality
Acknowledgements List of abbreviations 1. Introduction 2. Identity change? Wendt's constructivism and German military involvement abroad 3. Intersubjectivity and the normative: Kratochwil'sExpand
War and the Politics of Ethics
Constructivism and Identity:
Constructivism is regarded as increasingly important in International Relations. More often than not the approach is related to the issue of identity. constructivism and identity are, however, in aExpand
Forget September 11
September 11 has been etched on our memories. This article explores the uses and problems of memory in relation to responses to September 11, focusing largely on material from the USA and the FederalExpand
Wounds of Memory: The Politics of War in Germany
Preface 1. Speaking of war and memory 2. Forgetting to remember? 3. Wounds of memory 4. The truth of memory 5. Times of memory 6. Memory, uncertainty, responsibility.
Hierarchies of Grief and the Possibility of War: Remembering UK Fatalities in Iraq
In her recent work, Judith Butler offers a critique of war that revolves around the related issues of what she calls the grievability of lives and the framing of violence. This article exploresExpand
Culturally sensitive war? The Human Terrain System and the seduction of ethics
Since around 2005, efforts have been made within the US military to highlight the significance of culture or the ‘human terrain’ for counterinsurgency operations. The US Army responded to theExpand
Targeting: Precision and the production of ethics
War necessarily involves destruction. The development of precision-guided munitions seems to have made it possible to produce intended damage with increasing efficiency and to reduce ‘collateral’Expand