Maja Taseska

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—We extend Tone Reservation for peak-to-average ratio reduction in MIMO-multiuser OFDM scenarios. First, we consider a multiuser BC (broadcast) situation where a precoding is applied at every carrier. This is considered to be a very demanding situation for peak-to-average ratio reduction. Tellado's Tone Reservation, however, is especially suited for this(More)
Sound acquisition in noisy and reverberant conditions where the acoustic scene changes rapidly remains a challenging task. In this work, we consider the problem of obtaining a desired, arbitrary spatial response for at most L sound sources being simultaneously active per time-frequency instant. We propose a minimum mean-squared error spatial filter that(More)
Hands-free capture of speech often requires extraction of sources from a certain spot of interest (SOI), while reducing interferers and background noise. Although state-of-the-art spatial filters are fully data-dependent and computed using the power spectral density (PSD) matrices of the desired and the undesired signals, the existing solutions to extract(More)