Maja Skrjanc

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Media space consists from many different factors fighting for the attention of the customer population in a certain environment. Common problem in bigger environments (or countries) is that datasets describing complete media space is hard or almost impossible to get since the detailed picture is too complex or to expensive to compose. However, this is not(More)
This paper presents a two level lexical stress assignment model for out of vocabulary Slovenian words used in our text-to-speech system. First, each vowel (and consonant 'r') is determined, whether it is stressed or un-stressed, and a type of lexical stress is assigned for every stressed vowel (and consonant 'r'). We applied a machine-learning technique(More)
Detection rules represent one of the components of the rule models in event processing systems. These rules can be discovered from data using data mining techniques or domain experts' knowledge. We demonstrate a system that provides its users the means for creating and validating such rules. The system is applied on real-life environmental scenarios, where(More)
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