Maja Serman

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Previous research has shown that the detectability of a local change in a visual image is essentially independent of the complexity of the image when the interstimulus interval (ISI) is very short, but is limited by a low-capacity memory system when the ISI exceeds 100 ms. In the study reported here, listeners made same/different judgments on pairs of(More)
Speaker recognition in a multi-speaker environment is a complex listening task that requires effort to be solved. Especially people with hearing loss show an increased listening effort in demanding listening situations compared to normal hearing people. However, a standardized method to quantify listening effort does not exist yet. Recently we have shown a(More)
OBJECTIVE Specific computer-based auditory training may be a useful completion in the rehabilitation process for cochlear implant (CI) listeners to achieve sufficient speech intelligibility. This study evaluated the effectiveness of a computerized, phoneme-discrimination training programme. DESIGN The study employed a pretest-post-test design;(More)
In a test sound consisting of a burst of pink noise, an arbitrarily selected target frequency band can be "enhanced" by the previous presentation of a similar noise with a spectral notch in the target frequency region. As a result of the enhancement, the test sound evokes a pitch sensation corresponding to the pitch of the target band. Here, a pitch(More)
In this paper we prove that both diffusion and the leaky integrators cascade based transport mechanisms have as their inherent property the effect of temporal multi-scaling. The two transport mechanisms are modeled not as convolution based algorithms but as causal physical processes. This implies that propagation of information through a neural map may act(More)
Introduction The world we live in is continually changing. The images formed on the retina in vision are a sequence of varying, shifting intensities. In hearing, likewise changes in frequency and intensity are recognised to form the basis of our detecting the underlying structure of events in the world. Research in music perception has identified the(More)
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