Maja Serman

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Previous research has shown that the detectability of a local change in a visual image is essentially independent of the complexity of the image when the interstimulus interval (ISI) is very short, but is limited by a low-capacity memory system when the ISI exceeds 100 ms. In the study reported here, listeners made same/different judgments on pairs of(More)
In a test sound consisting of a burst of pink noise, an arbitrarily selected target frequency band can be "enhanced" by the previous presentation of a similar noise with a spectral notch in the target frequency region. As a result of the enhancement, the test sound evokes a pitch sensation corresponding to the pitch of the target band. Here, a pitch(More)
The basis for a low-level melodic segmentation model and its discrete implementation is presented. The model is based on the discrete approximation of the one-dimensional convective transport mechanism. In this way, a physically plausible mechanism for achieving multi-scale representation is obtained. Some aspects of edge detection theory thought to be(More)