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BACKGROUND Clavicular pseudoarthrosis is a rare condition, the management of which should not be underestimated because it requires re-operations and causes serious morbidity or even a lifelong handicap. PATIENTS AND METHODS We reviewed a series of 13 patients with non-union of a clavicular fracture who underwent a surgical treatment from the year 1993 to(More)
In this study, the level and distribution of transferrin receptor 1 (TfR1) and ferritin in colorectal carcinoma and in normal colon epithelium has been determined relative to the tumor stage and iron status of patients using immunohistochemical staining methods. While the majority of carcinoma patients were anemic, no relationship between the level of colon(More)
Transient osteoporosis of the hip is a rare clinical disorder of unknown etiology, characterized by hip pain and functional disability that resolves spontaneously in 6-24 months. Despite a benign prognosis, the long clinical course causes prolonged disability. We report on a case of transient osteoporosis of the hip during pregnancy that was rapidly(More)
A 34-year old men with left hip pain caused by intraarticular osteoid osteoma localized in the left femoral head is described. He was treated as a hip osteoarthritis for one year before the accurate diagnosis was established. Magnetic resonance imaging showed lesion indicating osteoid osteoma. Accurate diagnosis was established based on typical appearance(More)
Iron-containing antianemic drug ferric-sorbitol-citrate (FSC) inhibits the proliferation of various cancer cell lines in vitro and causes a regression of experimental murine tumors in vivo but does not affect the proliferation of nonmalignant cells. Growth modification caused by FSC iron involves a diminished expression of Bcl-2 and an overexpression of p53(More)
Computed tomography and/or magnetic resonance imaging were performed in 42 female patients with suspected pelvic mass. Surgical and histopathological reports were compared to the imaging findings, yielding mismatch in five (17.8%) patients. One benign cyst and one case of postirradiation fibrosis were characterized as recurrent tumors, one surgically(More)
AIM The purpose of this study is to determine the accuracy and clinical usefulness of ultrasound guided core biopsy for diagnosing suspicious radiologically detected breast lesions. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively evaluated the results of percutaneous core biopsy with 14-gauge needles performed over a period of 14 months on 229 suspicious lesions(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the frequency of juvenile spondylarthropathies (JSpA) among other rheumatic diseases in a pediatric clinic population in an 11-year period in Croatia and to review their clinical, epidemiological, radiographic and laboratory. METHODS Of the 1264 patients with rheumatic diseases seen at a pediatric rheumatology center, 103 (8.2%)(More)
A 15-year-old boy with positive family history of osteochondromatosis presented with a three-month history of progressive paraparesis and a month history of urinary incontinence. The patient underwent irradiation of the whole neuroaxis for meduloblastoma at the age of 18 months. The CT and MRI showed multilevel osteochondromas of the spine with irregularly(More)