Maja Matetić

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Even though a lot of effort has been put into researching image retrieval and interpretation, there is still no universally accepted approach to map low-level feature into high level image semantic interpretation [6]. In this paper, a method for continuous low-level features vector quantization is presented so as to define appropriate values for descriptive(More)
This paper presents computational approaches to the problem of semantic analysis, which is a crucial term in language technology applications, e.g. dialogue systems and machine translation. Explanations are supported by Croatian language example sentences. The focus is on syntax-driven semantic approach that is based on the principle of compositionality and(More)
Tracking of a laboratory animal and its behaviour interpretation based on frame sequence analysis have been traditionally quantitative and typically generates large amounts of temporally evolving data. In our work we are dealing with higher-level approaches such as conceptual clustering and qualitative modelling in order to represent data obtained by(More)
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