Maja Katarina Tomić

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Fiber-optic sensor of pressure, based on low-coherence interferometry, is presented. The sensing element is a thin stainless steel membrane that bends under the external pressure. The membrane is placed against the output fiber end of 2×1 fiber-optic coupler, forming in this way a sensing Fizeau interferometer. The receiving interferometer is a thin(More)
This paper explores the benefits and possible problems that may be encountered in mathematical classrooms using mathematical software. In addition to exploring different types of mathematical software, the paper also focuses on two mathematical tools which have been translated into Croatian and are in widespread use in Croatian mathematics classrooms. The(More)
High-performance computing has been aggressively driving pitch and performance requirements for off-chip interconnections over the last several decades, pushing solder-based interconnections to their limits. The most leading-edge Cu pillar technology faces many fundamental challenges in scaling to pitches below 30um, in particular with stress management and(More)
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