Maja Hilber-Bodmer

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Antibiotic application in plant agriculture is primarily used to control fire blight caused by Erwinia amylovora in pome fruit orchards. In order to facilitate environmental impact assessment for antibiotic applications, we developed and validated culture-independent quantitative real-time PCR multiplex assays for streptomycin (strA, strB, aadA and(More)
Brown rot of stone and pome fruit is a serious fungal disease that is mainly caused by four species in the genus Monilinia. Of these four species, Monilinia fructicola is the most devastating pathogen and of particular concern because it undergoes sexual recombination and has recently been introduced to Europe. So far, Monilinia diagnosis required a(More)
While recent advances in next generation sequencing technologies have enabled researchers to readily identify countless microbial species in soil, rhizosphere, and phyllosphere microbiomes, the biological functions of the majority of these species are unknown. Functional studies are therefore urgently needed in order to characterize the plethora of(More)
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