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A mouse cell line derived from bone marrow (JLS-V9) was infected in vitro with Moloney leukemia virus. After the cell-surface antigens specified by this virus appeared, cells were synchronized in mitosis by a short treatment with colcemid. The expression of H-2- and virus-determined surface antigens was monitored during one cell cycle by an indirect(More)
  • M Cikes
  • 1970
The expression of H-2 and Moloney leukemia virus (MLV)-determined surface antigens of MLV-induced mouse lymphoma cells (YCAB) was studied during growth in vitro by indirect membrane immunofluorescence and complement-dependent, antibody-mediated cytotoxic sensitivity. In a growing cell population, the degree of antigenic expression was inversely related to(More)
Recent developments in echocardiographic imaging technology and processing enabled the quantification of myocardial motion and deformation in a clinical setting. Echocardiographic strain (-rate) imaging provides a relatively easy way to study myocardial deformation. However, although (local) deformation is clearly linked to cardiac (dys-) function, it is(More)
Echocardiography has a leading role in the routine assessment and diagnosis of hypertrophic ventricles. However, the use of M-mode echocardiography and measurement of global left ventricular function may be misleading. Traditionally, systolic function was thought to be preserved in patients with hypertrophic myopathies until the late stages of the disease,(More)
The anti-complement immunofluorescence (ACIF) test was compared with the conventionally used indirect IF (IIF) in regard to its usefulness for the detection of low amounts of human papovavirus tumor (T) antigen. Fluorescence microscopic analysis revealed that it is significantly more sensitive. Microfluorometric measurements on the intensity of staining of(More)