Maja Šemanjski

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Human dipeptidyl peptidase III (hDPP III) is a member of the M49 metallopeptidase family, which is involved in intracellular protein catabolism and oxidative stress response. To investigate the structural basis of hDPP III preference for diarginyl arylamide, using site-directed mutagenesis, we altered its S2 subsite to mimic the counterpart in yeast enzyme.(More)
Mass spectrometry-based proteomics is increasingly used in analysis of bacterial pathogens. Simple experimental set-ups based on high accuracy mass spectrometry and powerful biochemical and bioinformatics tools are capable of reliably quantifying levels of several thousand bacterial proteins in a single experiment, reaching the analytical capacity to(More)
The genetic code is virtually universal in biology and was likely established before the advent of cellular life. The extent to which mistranslation occurs is poorly understood and presents a fundamental question in basic research and production of recombinant proteins. Here we used shotgun proteomics combined with unbiased protein modification analysis to(More)
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