Maizatul Akmar Ismail

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BACKGROUND Recently, determination of skeletal age, defined as the assessment of bone age, has rapidly become an important task between forensic experts and radiologists. The Greulich-Pyle (GP) atlas is one of the most frequently used methods for the assessment of skeletal age around the world. After presentation of the GP approach for the estimation of the(More)
It is a challenge to identify who actually holds the valid copy of the holy Quran, or whether one digital copy is tampered or not. In fact, previous literature has shown that most of people were not aware of the distribution of fake copies of Quran online. Majority of them have raised the importance of having a central Islamic body to control and determine(More)
Purpose – This research aims to examine the knowledge sharing factors that influence postgraduate students during research. The main objective is to identify the differences in knowledge sharing behaviour among the postgraduate students with the behaviour commonly found in corporate organisations. Design/methodology/approach – This study utilises an(More)
Bone age assessment (BAA) of unknown people is one of the most important topics in clinical procedure for evaluation of biological maturity of children. BAA is performed usually by comparing an X-ray of left hand wrist with an atlas of known sample bones. Recently, BAA has gained remarkable ground from academia and medicine. Manual methods of BAA are(More)
With the advancesin Web-based oriented technologies, experts are able to capture user activities on the Web. Users’ Web browsing behavior is used for user identification. Identifying users during their activities is extremely important in electronic commerce (e-Commerce)as it has the potential to prevent illegal transactions or activities particularly for(More)
Currently WWW is the first solution for scholars in finding information. But, analyzing and interpreting this volume of information will lead to researchers overload in pursuing their research. Trend detection in scientific publication retrieval systems helps scholars to find relevant, new and popular special areas by visualizing the trend of input topic.(More)
A quantitative study was conducted to direct the design and development of a computerized system for bone age assessment (BAA) in University of Malaya Medical Center (UMMC). The aim is to develop a system to assist radiologists and doctors in obtaining the most accurate results in estimation of bone age. A primary analysis shows the current method used by(More)
Introduction. In the current era of digital communication, users share information they consider important, using wikis, blogs and social networking Websites. The digital content includes valuable as well as biased, false and demagogic information. The objectives of this review paper are, i) To understand the perceptions of users regarding Web credibility(More)
Some of the universities in Malaysia are still implementing hybrid Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) approach in managing Theses and Dissertations (TD). One of the limitations of the hybrid ETD approach is its online cataloguing method, which is only available at the physical location of the TD instead of enabling the information to be retrieved(More)