Maitrayee Mukerji

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The bgl operon of Escherichia coli is transcriptionally inactive in wild-type cells. DNA insertion sequences (IS) constitute a major class of spontaneous mutations that activate the cryptic bgl promoter. In an attempt to study the molecular mechanism of activation mediated by insertion sequences, transcription of the bgl promoter was carried out in vitro.(More)
The bgl operon of Escherichia coli is rendered cryptic and uninducible in wild-type cells by the presence of DNA structural elements that negatively regulate transcription. We have carried out a detailed analysis of the sequences implicated in negative regulation. Fine-structure deletion analysis of the upstream sequences showed the presence of at least two(More)
The paper presents the findings of a village level exploration seeking to investigate the pattern of access and use of a telecentre and its services by different socio-economic groups. It also examines how the pattern of access and use is shaped by the characteristics of the village and the telecentre. It puts forth that in a village, households belonging(More)
Collinear arrangement of objects (such as, text elements or continuous lines) is integral part of any office document image, whether structured or unstructured. The ability to analyze such an organization of objects thus provides the basic and important building block for a plethora of image analysis applications. Most Hough Transform-based line detection(More)
ICTs are being increasingly used in Agricultural Knowledge Management (AKM). In spite of rapid development, still there are major challenges to be addressed in this sector. In this paper, we made an attempt to understand flow and management of knowledge and KM process in agricultural organization. For this we have developed a preliminary framework based on(More)
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