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Many compounds that taste bitter to humans also inhibit feeding in insects. Caterpillars (e.g., Manduca sexta) detect these compounds with a few bitter-sensitive taste cells. This study examined the role of these taste cells in feeding inhibition. Behavioral studies demonstrated that 3 bitter compounds (caffeine, salicin, and aristolochic acid) all(More)
The purpose was to assess the impact of the use of a chiral bioanalytical method on the conclusions of a bioequivalence study that compared two ibuprofen suspensions with different rates of absorption. A comparison of the conclusion of bioequivalence between a chiral method and an achiral approach was made. Plasma concentrations of R-ibuprofen and(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess and compare the bioavailability of ibuprofen enantiomers (R and S) of two different pediatric suspensions: the first one with ibuprofen lysinate (Algidrin® Pediátrico, FARDI S.A., Barcelona, Spain) and the second one with ibuprofen base (Dalsy®, Abbott Laboratories S.A., Madrid, Spain). METHODS A randomized, open-label, single-dose,(More)
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