Maite Maguregui

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After many decades exposed to a polluted environment, in some areas of Marcus Lucretius House, there are clear signs that plasters and hematite pigments are suffering deterioration. In the exhaustive(More)
Colonisation of wall paintings by microorganisms and other organisms is a well-known problematic phenomenon. Besides taxonomic identification of the biodeteriogen, it is essential to evaluate the(More)
Most of the magnificent wall paintings from the ancient city of Pompeii are decorated with red and yellow colors coming from the ochre pigments used. The thermal impact of the pyroclastic flow from(More)
Red and yellow bricks are the wall-building materials generally used in Roman masonries. The reasons for the different coloration are not always understood, causing loss of crucial information both(More)
This study aimed at using portable analytical techniques to characterize original and decayed materials from two murals paintings of Ariadne House (archaeological site of Pompeii, Italy) and define(More)