Maite García-Hernández

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We search for general patterns that explain the low field magnetoresistance at low temperatures in the system A(2-x)A'xFeMoO6. The observed linear dependence of the low field magnetoresistance with the saturation magnetization for the series is related to the antisite disorder at the Fe and Mo sites. This is explained in terms of a spin dependent crossing(More)
A two-component relativistic density functional method based on the Douglas-Kroll-Hess transformation has been applied to the actinyls and hexafluorides of U and Np. All-electron scalar relativistic calculations as well as calculations including spin-orbit interaction have been compared to results obtained with a pseudopotential approach. In addition,(More)
We investigate static magnetization as a function of a magnetic field during nucleation of the magnetic vortex state in Py dots with diameter of 1000nm and with four different thicknesses varying between 15 and 50 nm. For the 50nm thick Py dots we observe direct nucleation of the single vortex state from the saturated state, while the dots with thickness(More)
We study the origin of the magnetoelectric coupling in manganite films on ferroelectric substrates. We find large magnetoelectric coupling in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3/BaTiO3 ultra-thin films in experiments based on the converse magnetoelectric effect. The magnetization changes by around 30-40% upon applying electric fields on the order of 1 kV/cm to the BaTiO3(More)
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